The Constitution of
The United States is Under Attack


Regardless of where you stand on the issue of the COVID-19 global pandemic, whether you believe it's the most deadly thing ever unleashed upon mankind or you believe it's nothing to worry about, or you stand somewhere in between, there is one thing that you cannot honestly deny:  This crisis is being opportunistically propagandized and used to undermine the unalienable rights of all humanity.

Where is this attack coming from?

This attack is coming from all sides as the rights of all free nations are being undermined by the very elected officials and “trusted” organizations who have sworn only in pretension to protect people.  Most troubling however, is that The United States of America, the freest nation on Earth, is being attacked heavily from within.

Who is attacking?

Our rights and liberties are being torn assunder primarily by Marxist agendaists, which includes Communists and Socialists, as Communism and Socialism are close derivatives of Karl Marx's flawed ideology.  These modern day Marxists claim to be fighting against dictatorship and oppression, while implementing the same subversive tactics as the foul villains they claim to condemn.  They deflect criticism by labeling their opponents as very thing they pretend to oppose, but their actions exemplify.  They are rampaging through our streets, aimlessly destroying private property and businesses and attacking innocent individuals, and on-line they are campaigning to ruin people's livelihoods over the slightest perceived offenses.  They are nothing more than domestic terrorists.

What is Marxism?

In theory it is supposed to be the framework by which a stateless utopia is developed, in which all citizens are equal.  In practice, it is an authoritarian dictatorship that rules through abject fear.

Marxism is the ideology of Karl Marx.  He was a lazy, indolent bum who refused to work to support himself or even his poor family.  The only reason why he never starved to death is because he continuously received money—which he readily gambled and boozed away—from his friend Friedrich Engels, a spoiled rich kid who resented his parents' efforts to teach him hard work and ethics.

Marx and Engels hated work and felt that every individual should receive according to his need, regardless of his unwillingness to work, hence the “everybody shares everything equally” ideology of Marxism.  The reality of Marxism and its derivatives is that in order to manage and “equally” distribute a nation's resources, absolute power is giving to a small group of elitists, an oligarchy, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Marxism, Communism, Socialism—whichever variety of totalitarianism you wish to use—always fails.  It's not because “nobody's done it right yet,” as nobody can “do it right.”  It is wholly unsustainable as it stagnates growth as the government dictates what kind of productivity people are allowed to engage in, and innovators and hard workers give up in frustration as the fruits of their labors are forcibly taken away in order to equalize them with the unwilling to work, and to maintain the oligarchy's high cost of living.

Not to mention the millions of deaths attributable to Marxism[1].

If Marxism is so bad, why would anybody want it?

There are two kinds of people who wish for a Marxist society:

1) Rich, pretentious proponents who know they have everything to lose under Marxism if they had to live like a commoner, but they secretly hope to be exaulted to the glorious oligarchy so that they can luxuriate in hedonism.  This is namely politicians and certain businessmen.  For example, during the Democatic Presidential Debates Berny Sanders, one of the most prominent American proponents for Socialism, fervently defended his right to own an at-home house, a work house, and a summer house[2], yet he must be aware that under socialism we would lose at least two of those houses through the “redistribution of the commonwealth.”

2) Indolent mooches who can work but refuse to, who hope to suckle lazily from the teat of the state while others labor unendingly to support them.

Nobody else in their right mind would desire such an exploititive system.

An excellent book to read that explains what Marxism is, why it's so appealing, and why it ultimately fails is The Naked Communist by W. Cleon Skousen.  It was published originally in 1958, but it reads like it was written just recently.

Be informed!

Every good citizen must be vigilant, lest our rights are quietly swept away while we're not paying attention.  Unfortunately, the mainstream news outlets cannot be trusted, as on a daily basis now they are proven time and again to be intentionally spreading lies and misinformation.  Lately independent news sources seem to be the most reliable—the kind who put effort into showing the full context of the news.  For example, the propagators of fake news will show a 1-second clip out of context then immediately villainize the person depicted in the clip (often while celebrating an apparent victim from the clip).  On the other hand, a reliable news source will show the full 1-minute clip which puts everything into context, revealing that the supposed villain was actually the victim, and the supposed victim was actually the villain.  This is exactly like the 1994 episode of the Simpsons, “Homer Badman” in which Homer Simpson agrees to a television interview to prove his innocence of an accusation, but the broadcast interview was obviously heavily edited to imply his guilt[3].

I've got some relatives who live in Washington State.  A couple of weeks ago I asked one on the phone what he thought about “the CHAZ.”  His sentiment was that it was just a block party and that the reports of shakedowns, beatings, shootings, and destruction of private property was just fake news.  Just a few days ago, another relative from Washington happened to come visit, and when I asked him for his opinion, he didn't even know about the CHAZ!

Know your rights!

The less aware you are of your rights, the easier they are taken away.  If you are an American citizen and haven't read the Constitution of the United States in its entirety, you should.  You can read the entire document, including the Amendments, free of charge at, or you can obtain a printed copy to keep in your home, which I highly recommend you do.


Participate in national and local elections.  Learn about the candidates and what they stand for.  Choose wisely.  If you apathetically withhold your vote, you're effectively voting against the candidate who might best defend your rights.

Apathy did not win our Independence from the British Empire in the 18th Century.  Nor did it stop the Axis powers from conquering the world in the Mid-20th Century.

Remember our Independence.

Many of our forefathers died so that we can enjoy living in The Freest Nation on Earth.  On the 4th of July, don't just celebrate “the day we get to blow stuff up and eat barbeque”—and not from behind a closed door of isolation!  Step oustide, take a deep breath of fresh air, and declare:  “I am an American!  I have rights!  And I am independent of tyrants!”

  1. See A Brief History of Socialism.
  2. Actually, he said “summer camp,” which implies a sizable piece of land that likely provides some degree of outdoor privacy, something which Socialism would never allow to be wasted on the common worker.  See 'Forgive me for that': Bernie Sanders' 'summer camp' spurs Michael Bloomberg attack, Bernie Sanders' "summer camp" is actually a $600,000 mansion!, and PHOTO Bernie Sanders Summer Camp Home Has 500 Feet Of Beachfront On Lake Champlain.
  3. The “How to Cook Humans” cook book from a Halloween episode of the Simpsons also comes to mind as an analogy of how the news media misrepresents the truth to smear the innocent.