Sam Brown and the S.A.M.

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Originally Posted on GeoCities: 1998 August 18

Sam Brown (short for Samma Kamma Noasa Neara Toasa Wacky Brownies) loved doing strange an’ deranged things.

Once Sam went bungee jumping off a bridge while drinking grape juice!  He didn’t have to worry about spilled juice staining his clothes because the bungee cord stretched so far, that he went completely under water.  While he was underwater, he grabbed a two-foot trout, which he took home and cooked for dinner.

One day, he went to a military base.  Sam grabbed a parachute and put it on.  Then he jumped on a S.A.M. (Surface-to-Air Missile) just as it was launched!

So there was Sam, riding a S.A.M., heading for the target.  He jumped off before the S.A.M. hit the target.  He pretended to swim through the air.  Then he pulled the ripcord and safely landed.

(of the S.A.M.)