The Convenience Store Pizza Party


I dreamed that I was standing outside of a convenience store when a small mini van came from across the street and crashed into the glass double-door entrance.  Amazingly, the van stopped just inside and the only damage done was to the doors.

The van was empty, and when I looked in the direction from which it had come, I saw two men with guns running toward me.  I ran inside, and the clerk and I tried to hide behind a magazine rack, but the gunmen immediately found us.  They ushered us back to the counter and ordered us to make deli sandwiches for them while they started looting boxes of beer and other random stuff.  I was hungry, so I stuffed a slice of lunch meat into my mouth while making a sandwich.

Two cops, a man and a woman, then sprang into the room with their guns drawn and demanded to know what was going on.  I couldn't talk because my mouth was full, but they saw that the clerk and I were making sandwiches, and the male officer said, “Let me show you how to make a good sandwich!”  He holstered his firearm and made what turned out to be a really good grilled ham and turkey sandwich.  He then offered to pay for the sandwich I was eating, and handed me a five-dollar bill when told it cost that much.

As I took the five-dollar bill, I noticed some counterfeit money on the counter next to me and sheepishly tried to hide it by pushing it under something.  The counterfeits had been dropped by the robbers, and one of them bragged about how well he'd made them, specifically indicating a counterfeit fourteen-dollar bill.  The bills were rather plain, with some vertical bars extending from the top and bottom with their ends rounded in a wavy pattern, and no faces.  Printed across the edge of each bill was, “This is Legal United States Currency.”

The cops and robbers stopped being cops and robbers, with the cops suddenly dressed casually, the convenience store became an Italian restaurant in a mall, and the affair turned into a pizza party.  We ate some really good pizza.

I then realized that it was 3:00 in the morning and that we had the restaurant to ourselves, during its non-business hours, as we were filming a movie directed by Christopher Titus, who had been the male cop.

We shut down the production, then Titus left with his arm around the woman, and the rest of us went searching for a public bathroom.

I woke up soon after that.