Region Error - For this college English assignment, I was supposed to write about a life experience.  I surprised Professor Schwiebert by turning in this short comic, and he gave me full credit for my daring endeavor.

Japanese Gothboy - I submitted this web comic to Web Comics Suck during my first semester of Japanese.  People who haven't studied Asian languages probably won't get the joke.

Promotions at Work - This was my second Gothboy comic submitted to Web Comics Suck, based on real-life experience!

I'm Not Lovin' It - Who would have ever guessed I would end up working at McDonald's — and even becoming a swing manager?!  I was there for two years, and it wore down on me, which is why I proudly present this short comic.

Somebody happened to bring a camera to work, and business was slow that day, so I decided to show off my Anything Goes Martial Arts Fast Food skills.  (Yes, it was a camera with photosensitive film.  This was back in the days when still few people (in the United States) had cellphones or digital cameras.)

Deaf Strikes Again - My wife and I have been together for nearly a decade.  Either we're mumbling more, or we're just getting older.

CompuServe, 1987 - Finally revealed, the origin of how CompuServe decided the pronunciation of GIF, the abbreviation of its Graphics Interchange Format.

Betelgeuse! Betelgeuse! Betelgeuse! - An opinion piece about the film-going habits of beings from a small planet somewhere in the vicinity of Betelgeuse.

If People Behaved Like Dogs... - It was just the wind!  Only a monkey would come here!

Rabbit Dinner - Rabbits eat their cecotropes.  It's an important biological function.

Governor Inslee Comments on the CHAZ - The governor of Washing State weighs in on the situation in the Capital Hill Autonomous Zone.

If People Behaved Like Goats... - Greedy goats waste their sweet feed when they try to snatch it out of your hand!

Marvin and Ozzy - Tom Armstrong's attempt at actually being funny takes a dark turn.

If People Behaved Like Dogs...#2 - Hey! Hey! Hey!