When Neighbors Are Arrested


When I was in 10th Grade, an old German man came to my history class and talked about what it was like being a little boy during the time that his country was governed by the National-Socialist party.

One day, his friend's family next door was arrested by the the Gestapo, because they were Jews.  The mentality wasn't, “Oh, what a horrible thing!” but simply, “It's too bad they were Jews.”

This kind of thing happend often throughout the 1930s to mid 1940s, and not just to Jews but also to other “undesirables,” along with anybody who dared speak out against the wrongs of the government.  These people were shipped off to camps where they were forced into labor, starved, and executed.  In less than a decade 17 million people were murdered by their government.

Now, amidst a crucial election for the presidency of the United States of America, there are people compiling lists of names of people who either supported their candidate's opponent or in some way opposed their candidate.  These list-keepers are actively threatening to fill their gulags and occupy their gallows with the people whose names appear on these lists.

You've got to ask yourself:  Do you really want these list-keepers leading your country?  Do you want them governing your state and your city?  As the people of Germany once learned, if they don't come for you today, they will come for you tomorrow.