The Skunk That Snuck Up On Me


A few days ago, after finishing the night chores, I was standing in the dark in my front yard, deep in contemplation, when out the corner of my eye I thought I saw a cat.  I turned to pet it, then realized it was a skunk!  A big skunk!  Its tail went up and I held still as it sniffed at my feet before continuing on.

After it went over and started chowing down on the dogs' food, I started a slow retreat towards the back of the house.  The skunk's tail went up again and it too retreated back the way it had come, thankfully without spraying.

I went and got a rifle, then sat still in the cold dark on my porch.  I don't think it took five minutes before the skunk came back.  I waited until it started eating again, then I slowly raised the rifle, took aim, and rapidly put five or six rounds into the skunk.  It died quickly and never sprayed.

Garbage collection was the next morning, thankfully, so I didn't have to worry about the corpse stinking things up all week.