Odo Paste

It's Odo!

We've been working our way through the different Star Trek series on Netflix, and over the course of last Summer and Fall we watched all seven seasons of Deep Space Nine.

Also during that time, we used a lemon-flavored Earthpaste toothpaste which featured a goofy looking anthropomorphic lemon.  One day my three-year-old daughter pointed at the lemon face and said, “Daddy, it's Odo!”  Ever since then she has called it “Odo paste.”

Still no nose, but no longer Odo.

Sadly, Earthpaste redesigned its packaging last year and the lemon no longer looks like Odo, which we discovered when we finished off the old tube and opened a new one.  My daughter just recently commented on this change and said that we can't call it “Odo paste” any more because Odo isn't on the tube (but she still does anyway).