Fish Slag


I once single-handedly caused the evacuation of an entire office building.

Years ago I decided I would eat healthier by eating more fish.  I'd heard salmon was a good choice, so I bought some thick, frozen salmon.

On 2009 November 12 I took it to work for lunch, still frozen.  Looking at the non-microwave cooking instructions, I figured 20 minutes in the microwave would be just right.  I started the cook timer and walked away . . .

Slightly less than 20 minutes later I returned to the kitchen right as the timer counted to an end.  I opened the microwave and smoke billowed out!  I ran the smoking plate outside and found that my thick slab of salmon had boiled down to a thin pool of slag.

That smoke from the microwave got sucked into the ventilation and circulated throughout the entire building, causing the maintenance guy to go on a quest to track down the mysterious smell.  It was only early afternoon on a Thursday, but everybody upstairs soon went home early, and nobody came in the next day.