Override phpMyAdmin's CTRL+ARROW Override


If you like using keyboard shortcuts, like consitency in your text-editing interfaces, and hate using the mouse for repetitive tasks that can be easily accomplished with simple keyboard input, for example holding CTRL and SHIFT then pressing LEFT to select a word instead of moving your hand from the keyboard to the mouse and dragging the cursor across the screen, it may piss you off when you find that phpMyAdmin has overridden the expected behavior with something that cannot be turned off:  Navigating between input fields because pressing TAB to do so was apparently too much effort for some people.

You may tell yourself, “Okay, I just can't use CTRL+SHIFT+ARROW commands here to select text,” and that you'll get used to it, but you'll always forget, and get pissed off every time the unexpected behavior responds to your commands.

To correct this unwanted behavior, open the file /usr/share/phpmyadmin/js/keyhandler.js and replace the function onKeyDownArrowsHandler() with the following code:

function onKeyDownArrowsHandler(a){return;}

If you don't have access to phpMyAdmin's source code, then you can override onKeyDownArrowsHandler() by inputting the above code into your browser's developer console (or use a monkey script to automatically redeclare the function).