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Jackie Chan's Helicopter Stunt


Saturday night I dreamed that I got to visit the set of a Jackie Chan film while it was being made.  The filmmakers had been given permission to film all of their helicopter scenes on only one day, because of all the noise (similar to the narrow window given to film Die Hard (1988)'s helicopter scenes, as I had recently learned from watching The Movies That Made Us (2019)), and this was that day.

For some reason I'd been dressed in a black outfit with a yellow chest, which I soon realized was the same as Jackie Chan's costume.

I was sent onto the outdoor set to explore it on my own, and as I wandered among bamboo huts two helicopters whizzed by, one pursuing the other, close to the ground.  I realized that I was on an active set and film was rolling, and that it would mess up the shoot and the entire filming schedule if the cameras caught a duplicate Jack Chan on the ground when he was supposed to be in a helicopter (even though I don't look the least bit like him), so I ran inside one of the huts.

After a few more passes, Chan's chopper came down in a controlled crash, as it basically came straight down hard among the bamboo huts.  I had to duck to avoid being decapitated as the rotors chopped through the walls of the hut I was hiding in.  The helicopter then proceeded to fall to pieces and I ran away to avoid getting hit by debris.

Then I woke up.