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The Super Moonies, The


I lived in Germany at the turn of the century, at which time Sailor Moon was nearing its peak in international popularity.  I was never a big fan of the show, but I did like the Japanese soundtracks, so I was intrigued when I came across a German music group calling itself “Super Moonies” with a Sailor Moon theme.

Techno was also quite a popular genre of music at the time, especially in Germany, so it came as no surprise when Super Moonies turned out to be a techno group.

In March of 2002, I had been back in the United States for less than a year, and back then ordering international items like foreign CDs was still seemingly specialized and typically cost-prohibitive (whereas now I regularly and affordably order foreign DVDs and Blurays from Amazon's foreign sites), so I was quite surprised when I came across Super Moonies' album Die Macht Des Mondes.

I decided to write a review in which I joked about the cosplay on the cover being distrubing but said the music was okay:

Once you get over the disturbing photos of the Super Moonies, this is actually a really good album.  It's Techno, but not so hard that a single spin will give you migranes; i.e.: it's Techno that doesn't suck!  The songs are kind of silly, but they are fun.  (Lyrics are included.)

Want more Super Moonies?  Their first album, “Sailor Moons Welt,” might be distributed as simply “Super Moonies.”

I couldn't think of anything special for the review title, so I simply called it, “Die Super Moonies,” as in, “The Super Moonies.”

You'd think it was 2022 and not 2002 since some dumbass at Amazon felt the need to censor my review.  “'s Techno that doesn't suck!” got replaced with “'s Techno that doesn't [stink]!” and my title was removed apparently for soundling like a call to violence.  That wasn't the exact wording of the justification given for censoring the title (back when users were actually told which rules of the “community guidelines” had been broken) but it was blatantly idiotic ignorance because not only is “die” German for “the,” but “Die Macht des Mondes” appeared on the cover of this German album!  I don't remember what the title was after being censored, but I changed it to, “The Super Moonies, The.”