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Osterscherz 2010


Eight years ago I played an April Fool's prank on the video store I had previously worked at.  Since Easter was just around the corner, I decided to fill up the curbside video return dropbox with Easter eggs.

The green dropbox had a cart inside that was probably two feet across each way and three feet deep, with a gray, 18‑gallon tote inside.  In the five years I worked there I never took a photo of it, so above is the best image I could find on‑line (captured by Google maps in 2015 August).

I did take some pictures of the inside of the dropbox.  On 2010 April 4, around 3 AM, there were 6 videos in the dropbox, and I burried them under about 2,000 candy-stuffed eggs.

To get a better grasp of how many eggs that was, here they were boxed up before I dumped them.