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By simply visiting this website, The House of Waffles, or downloading any files therefrom, you agree to the Terms of Service henceforth described.  This may sound like warning somebody that the candy bar he just ate may contain peanutes, only after he has swallowed the first bite, but such is the nature of the internet that a Terms of Service document cannot practically be presented before a user visits a website.

(Did you know:  Whenever you visit a website which uses JavaScript, you're essentially downloading and running a computer program, and script-heavy sites like Facebook require your web browser to download incredibly large amounts of data in order to function.  Such websites use up a lot of your system resources while running.)


The House of Waffles is the author's personal fun site, made public so that others may also enjoy its content.  Although consisting mainly of text and images, content may also include downloadable executable programs, media, user-modifications for computer games, and possibly other forms of software and data.  As it is not the intent of The House of Waffles to maliciously inflict damage, its author cannot be held responsible for any damages incurred through the use of The House of Waffles or any of its software.  Download/view/use/run/apply at your own risk!

It is also not the intent of the House of Waffles to slander.  Should any unfavorable comments be made about any individual, organization, or product, take it as opinion — when not backed with reliable citation.  If it's parody and you don't like it, get a sense of humor.

My employers have nothing to do with this website; it does not represent their opinions or endorsements.

The House of Waffles is not an explicitly adult-oriented website, nor is it targeted towards children; it is more of a “fun for everyone” website, although “PG-13” would be an apt description.  In any case, The House of Waffles strives to post only content which is more or less “in good taste.”  As such, The House of Waffles cannot be held liable for anybody's sensibilities being offended.  (See the First Amendment of the United States Constitution for more details.)

Parents, The House of Waffles advocates that you be involved with your children, teach them internet safety, and supervise their web browsing activity.

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All content of The House of Waffles is the intellectual property of the site's author, unless otherwise indicated.  The House of Waffles strives to post only original content, with the exception of what falls under fair use.  If you feel that something on this website violates your copyright or is not correctly attributed to you, please cordially contact The House of Waffles, and appropriate action will be taken as quickly as possible.  Remember that requests made with tact and diplomacy will receive the most favorable responses; pushy threats of legal action do not constitute “tactful” or “diplomatic.”  (If you do feel compelled to waste money on a lawyer just to make the request “official,” be sure to use your “Please” and “Thank You”s to avoid coming across as a total jackass.)

Reposting or repurposing articles or other content from The House of Waffles is expressly forbidden, unless permission is given by the author.

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By visiting this website you agree not to abuse or misuse its content and services.  Violation of these Terms of Service may result in you being blocked from accessing this server.