Privacy Policy


Personal Information

The House of Waffles does not collect any personal information, except that which users volunteer through the contact form.  Such information is used only for the purpose of responding to user feedback, however the right is reserved to potentially post on-line any comments received through user feedback.  Any such comments posted on-line may be credited with the user's name, but the user's contact information (e.g., e-mail address) will not be made public, unless the user requests it be so.

The House of Waffles will not share any user's personal information with any third party, except law enforcement entities as required by law.

Anonymous Information

Anonymous information is collected for simple statistics, e.g. for analyzing web browser usage trends.  Also included is IP addresses for the purposes of geographic statistics, and possibly blocking users who abuse this website.  (Depending on its context, an IP address may or may not be considered personally identifiable, but again, IP addresses are collected merely for simple statistics.)


Cookies are used merely for simple statistics and remembering users' preferences, such as selected language.

The House of Waffles does not share its cookies with other parties; third-party plug-ins such as Google Analytics or other market-tracking cookies are not used.