Index Lists Now Sortable


My index pages may look like they've been beaten with an ugly stick, but at least now they can be sorted!  Below is an interactive demo.  (These dates are generated randomly and the titles are shuffled each time the page loads.)

Date Posted Original Date Posted
on GeoCities
2016-08-08--You bring the dip and I'll mow the sideyard.
2018-11-04--And also with you!
2017-10-23--'Twas the pride of the peaches.
2019-08-06--I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for some candy today!
2015-05-27--I'm open for interpretation.
2014-03-19--I'm a song from the sixties.
2019-02-132012-02-28I'm crying on the inside.
2017-07-182016-10-28I was raised by a cup of coffee.
2019-04-282016-12-23I'm the ghost of Christmas Past!
2017-10-22--I'm saving the best for last!
2014-04-262002-11-28I'm the original ladies man!
2016-01-18--I'm a million ladies tall!
2015-02-15--I'm forever your girl!
2017-08-012006-01-14You gotta get yours, I gotta get mine.
2016-10-26--Don't fake the funk on a nasty dunk.
2016-05-10--Hey, Reggie, is that rhinoceros around?
2014-01-17--It's time for tasteball!
2019-11-01--Oh no! You shanked my Jenga ship!
2015-01-10--I'm just in time for the murder mystery!
2018-06-20--I do what I'm told.
2019-03-02--Rightio! I think I can twice.
2014-11-112012-06-11Legitimate Business!
2014-10-07--I just lost my Jenga jam.
2019-05-162012-09-03When can we start the Jeffersons?
2019-01-05--Oh, no! I think this is my favorite!