Brady Bunch Love

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Originally Posted on GeoCities: 1998 May 24

Phase I:  View of Female In Love

I'll never forget the day I met Mike.  It was soon after that we fell in love.  The girls liked him, and they needed a father.  Roy, they're real father, was lost at sea.

Mike's boys liked me too, and somehow, we had a hunch, that we could from a family.

After Mike and I got married, we moved into a house big enough for the eight of us.  It wasn't long before we hired Alice to lighten the load.  I don't know how we would have survived without her.

The kids all get along well.  I love each and everyone of them as much as I do Mike.

Phase II:  Outside View of “Lovely” Couple

Oh, look at them!  They make me so sick!  Not only are they so unrealistically in love, but its 1997 and they're still living like it's the seventies!  I pity their loser kids most of all.  They'll be lucky if their loser parents don't breed any more losers.

Mike and Carol, and their six children.  So disgusting, the mush that goes on in their family.  Marsha got all the family's looks, but she's so brain dead; she never realizes when she's being hit on.  Then there's Jan.  Like I said, Marsha got all the family's looks.  Little Cindy and little Bobby will probably end up together.  Peter is so whiney.  Greg's too desperate to get a girl.

Losers.  They make me sick.

Phase III:  Peer Critique by Kate Monson

Good:  It was grammerically correct for the most part.  the introduction is well written and interesting.  Spelling is great.

Bad:  Could be more original, like maybe your own idea.  Could be longer.  Maybe you could be less satirical & more realistic.  This was a waste of my time!

Mood:  Too happy, satirical almost.

Character description

Well based on the fact that the story is the Brady Bunch story, Carol is a sweet energetic, motherly type, that loves everyone and everything.  I think she associates the same kind of love with everything she does.  I dont think she distiguishes between the kind of love you show a child & the kind of love you show your husband.  But based on the story given to me, I cant say much about Carol's character at all, except what I have said before, and also the fact that she has no depth.  Maybe this is how the author intended her to be perceived in which case, Carol has no depth.  The only thing I got from her was that she is loving of everyone equally.  That's it!