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Der Wasserfall und das Glaskrankenhaus


I dreamed there was a waterfall which fell down a rockface and onto a flagstoned area.  A short stone-stepped stairway took me up above the waterfall to where the water flowed out of the rockface and into a small pool before falling over the edge.  There was also a rectangular opening into the rockface.

I entered the opening and discovered a large two-level area carved out of the rock.  All of the interior walls were clear, glass panels, and metal stairs lead up to the upper floor which overlooked the main floor.  The space was empty, but it felt like it could make for a comfortable vaction spot.

Upon closer inspection, I discovered another metal staircase leading out of the rocky rooms and into a carpeted building where the exterior walls were all glass, the stairs continued to be paneled with glass, and several interior walls near the stairs were also glass.

It was a medical facility, and I realized that I was a medical student.  I chatted briefly with a few other medical students before leaving to explore the building.

I went up some stairs, down others, and each area I entered was empty of furniture and people.  The further I went, the more forboding the building felt.

The areas I explored were not illuminated, and after a while the building began to quickly dim with the setting of the sun.  I found a light switch in the stairwell in which I stood and flipped it on.  After the lights came on, I saw a few people in white lab coats burst out of a room down a hallway and rush towards me.  It seemed that I was in a forbidden area and was going to get in trouble, so I fled down a darkened hallway and hid in the shadows.

I found myself crouched next to a small foyer filled with a few armchairs and a couch.  The glass architecture was gone, as the walls were painted sheetrock, lined with wood trim at mid-height.  It had become quite dark, the only illumination coming from the moonlight let in by a few windows.

I got on my hands and knees and crawled through the foyer, hoping to get through undiscovered, but as I passed the couch, a person lying on it lifted his head and nonchalantly acknowledged my presence.  He was one of the medical students I had met earlier.  A dull light lit up the room just a little, and I could see that a few medical students were lounging in the furnature looking a bit sickly.

A doctor then grabbed my arm and took me to the end of the hall then around the corner into a small, cluttered kitchen.  She explained to me that we needed to feed the sick students something with bananas to help them, and handed me some bananas.

I then woke up.