Moving Into Sara's Old House


A few years ago my sister Sara's family moved into a different house, and recently I dreamed that I'd bought their old house and had just moved in.

In my dream it was very late at night—or very early in the morning—and I went about exploring the house in my pajamas.  Sara's family hadn't finished moving their stuff out, so there was clutter all over which didn't belong to my family.

Unlike Sara's real house, it was very large with several rooms.  Each room had several light switches, and I couldn't figure out which switch turned off the lights when I went to leave a room.  Several switches were for special functionality like strings of amber mood lighting.  One switch activated a holographic light show of Disney's Frozen (2013) and to my annoyance I couldn't get it to shut off.

In one room I opend a very shoddy door that looked out the back of the house and I saw that the neighbor's entire wall was missing on the side facing my house.  I could see kids watching TV or eating breakfast at the dinner table.  (Maybe I'd been playing too much Terraria.)  I realized that my house was being renovated and the neighbor's must have been also undergoing renovation.

I next entered the living room as two teenage girls finished climbing in through a window.  “What are you doing in my house?” I asked them.  They looked at me and gigled but didn't respond.  I said, “I'm going to have to ask you to leave,” then turned to find a telephone to call the police, and found my house suddenly full of people.  It was mostly people working on the renovations, but there were lots of neighbors also milling about; they'd come to welcome us to the neighborhood.

I decided that I wanted to get dresssed, but I couldn't find my day clothes.  None of my helpful neighbors could find them either.

The sun had come up and I looked out the living room window.  I noticed for the first time that our front lawn ended shortly before a park playground.  On the one hand, that would be great for the kids, but on the other hand, it meant heavy pedestrian traffic near my house and therefore more potential break-ins, so I wasn't too happy about the situation.