Mildly Post-Apocalyptic


This morning I dreamed that I was living in what must have been a post-apocalyptic community.  Surprisingly the elecity worked, as there was no shortage of electrical light.

I was a teenager, and I was hanging out with several people of varying ages at a stage, like one typically found inside church gymnasiums, but its face was open to the outside.  It was facing a curb, and was set back maybe 10 or 20 feet from the street.

A commotion arose, and several people ran up to the curb and got their knives ready.  A pack of wild dogs came running down the street, and it appeared that people were going to catch and butcher them.  I wanted to be useful, so I grabbed my paring knife with a broken-off tip and ran up to one group that had captured a wild dog.  I asked if they wanted me to kill it, but some jerk took my knife from me and walked away.

I went back to the stage to brood.  I noticed an opening in the stage floor that lead to subterranian passageways.  I decided that I would explore them, but first I would sweep off the stage; it was covered with popcorn and other junk from careless eaters.

As I swept the stage, a teenager I assumed to be named Tom picked up another broom and started sweeping too.

Behind me was a folding table where a bunch of adolescent kids sat playing card games.  One kid started throwing small rocks at the back of my head, so I went and punched him.  I can't remember what his name was, but let's call him “Billy.”

I went back to sweeeping and soon afterward received a typed sheet of paper, which I think Billy the rock-thrower had produced.  It said something about me getting into trouble with his dad.  I thought it was bullshit, so I got the attention of everybody present and loudly announced, “Billy is an asshole!  I was just sweeping, and he started throwing rocks at me, so he got what he deserved!  Tom on the other hand is a great guy because he helped me clean up without being asked.”

I retreated to my bedroom, where Billy and his dad soon showed up.  I thought Billy was there with some more lies to get me into trouble, but then his dad handed me some papers, which were a sort of military summons.  Billy's dad said that I had been selected to be responsible for Billy and train him.  I found this upsetting because I couldn't stand the kid and didn't want to be around him.

My alarm clock then woke me up.