Starzan and Jayne


We just got a new goat buckling, and as we were bringing him home, we were trying to decide what to name him.  Our five-year-old daughter suggested something that sounded like “Alster.”  (She's good at making up weird names.  She already named one of our goats Thressia.)

My wife said she wanted something “classic,” so I said, “Fred Astaire?”

She said, “Something more like . . . Alastor Moody.”

Our daughter suggested something else that sound like a girl's name, so I jokingly said, “How about Jayne?  The man called 'Jayne!'”

Jayne Cobb?” said my wife.  “I like it!”  We then tentatively agreed to that name.

A little later our daughter was having difficulty grasping the name Jayne, so my wife tried to explain that “it's like Tarzan and Jane.”  Our daughter then insisted on calling the buckling Starzan.

When my wife told me about our daughter wanting to call the buckling Starzan, I said, “I dunno, it sounds kind of feminine:  Starz-anne.”

“More feminine than Jane?” my wife said, as she busted up laughing.