Kano -VS- Sonya

Originally Posted on GeoCities: 1999 July 3

I drew this picture for Mr. Dagley's art class back in 9th grade, even though I never was a big Mortal Kombat fan; I just thought it would be cool to draw.  It was based on a pre-production “versus” screenshot from Mortal Kombat 3 (which looked something like this) that I got out of an issue of EGM, with my addition of the Mortal Kombat II dragon logo.  I drew it with pastel pencils on a black drawing board.

There is a story behind this picture.  This is one of my best works, and my mom thought it looked so good that she decided to get it framed.  Well, that was better than letting it lie around collecting dust or getting crunched in some deep closet, so I wasn't going to discourage her.

She took it Michaels to get it framed, and then when she got it back she saw that they'd written “Mortal Kombat” on the reciept as the description.  Like any '90s parent who got concerned when something like Mortal Kombat was involved, she wasn't too happy about it.  (She'd thought that they were just “ninja people.”)

The drawing was hung on my bedroom wall and remained there for several years, even after I'd moved out of my parents' house, until recently when I was visiting my parents and my mother gave it to me sans glass frame to take home with me.  I guess Grandma, who had recently moved into my old room, didn't want it hanging on her wall.

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