Baby Ash

Originally Posted on Amazon: 2018 March 17

This is how I fixed up my daughter's doll after the dog chewed its hand off.

My daughter likes to put a leash on the dog, even when in the house, and when she was three years old she tended to tie the dog's leash to a chair and then forget about the dog.  My wife and I told her several times that she couldn't do that because it was unkind to the dog, but it didn't sink in until after she left the dog tied up with her two baby dolls.

With nothing else to keep her occupied, the dog chewed up the dolls lying at her feet.  One got just a hand and elbow chewed off, while the other lost both hands, a foot, and its nose.

After a discussion about being kind to the dog and consequences, my daughter put band-aids on her “injured” dolls.  She was later heard having the babies discuss their injuries with each other.

Luckily for my daughter, Christmas was around the corner, so we got her a new doll, then we covertly got rid of the mutilated ones which she still insisted on playing with.

But first I wanted to have some fun with the less-damaged doll.

I ordered a miniature chainsaw off of Amazon, which I then duct-taped to the doll's wrist, like Ash from the Evil Dead series.  I thought it was funny and took a few pictures.  Then my one-year-old son immediately decided that the chainsaw needed to come off and he snapped the blade off.

Somehow, it still had been worth the $5 for the miniature chainsaw.