Fun With Scammers


I get a ridiculous number of scam calls almost every day, usually from India.  Sometimes it's fun to play with them; if they're gonna waste my time, I'm gonna waste their time and hopefully delay them from finding a victim who will actually fall for their scam.

The best way to mess with a scammer is to share a fake persona with them.  Here are some quick resources for faking out scammers on the phone.

  • Fake Address Generator — Pick a country and state, then mash GO.  A handful of fake addresses in and around your selected region will be generated.
  • Fake Credit Card Generator — Provide scammers with a fake credit card number that will pass general pre-purchase credit card validation.  Conveniently this also generates CVV, expiration date, and cardholder name.  It also generates an address, but only the street.
    • Test Credit Card / Bank Account Numbers — Alternatively, you can use some credit card or bank numbers that are used by software developers to test non-live transactions in development mode.  They too will validate.
  • Fake Phone Number — Here's my favorite fake 7-digit phone number plus a random area code:  555-867-5309.  Or you can go with a completely random phone number:  555-867-5309.
  • Fake Social Security Number — Here's a fake one I just generated for you:  555-55-5555.
  • Fake Date of Birth — Here's a randomly generated birthdate:  2000.01.01.  This should put you between 21 and 70 years old, inclusive.

Click here to regenerate the random numbers on this page, or click on each to regenerate individually.